New ultraviolet irradiation apparatus for Corneal cross-linking
Journal "Fundamental Sciences and Applications"


Corneal cross-linking
Ultraviolet irradiation apparatus


We present a new ultraviolet irradiation apparatus for Corneal cross-linking optimized to perform faster. It is designed for treating keratoconus, ulcer, infectious keratitis and post LASIK ectasia. Using a plastic band around the patient's head, a matrix of UV- LEDs is located at a controlled distance from the cornea of the eye. The matrix-LEDs emits a total cut-off power of 40 mW at a wavelength of l= 390±5nm. Using a widget, the matrix moves to the left or right eye. The duration of exposure is 2 minutes. The power density on the cornea of the eye is 42,1 mW/cm2 with an illuminated diameter on the corneal surface of d = 1.1 cm. This corresponds to surface-density of the energy accumulated on the cornea of 5.1 J/cm2. With the parameters described above, the ultimate effect can be achieved for a short time. The described apparatus is more convenient and features compactness, portability, functionality. Our new apparatus emits ultraviolet light of 390 nm wavelength in difference to the known from the literature apparatus using 360 nm. In this way we address the maximum absorption of ultraviolet light by collagen fibrils.