A critical review of heat transfer and pressure drop in a spirally grooved tube with twisted tape insert
Journal "Fundamental Sciences and Applications"


spirally grooved tube with twisted tape insert
heat transfer
pressure drop


In this paper, experimentally determined pressure drop, heat transfer characteristics and performance enhancement parameters of flow of water in a 75-start spirally grooved tube with twisted tape insert are presented. Fully turbulent ranges (3000-7000) of Reynolds numbers have been considered. The grooves are clockwise with respect to the direc­tion of flow. Compared to smooth tube, the heat transfer enhancement due to spiral grooves is further augmented by inserting twisted tapes having twist ratios . It is found that the direction of twist (clockwise and anticlockwise) influences the thermo-hydraulic characteristics. Con­stant pumping power comparisons with smooth tube characteristics show that in spirally grooved tube with and without twisted tape, heat transfer increases moderately in turbu­lent range of Reynolds numbers. However, for the bare spiral tube and for spiral tube with anticlockwise twisted tape ( ), reduction in heat transfer is noticed over a transition range of Reynolds numbers.Heat transfer and pressure drop are compered with plain tube results and performance enhancement parameters are obtained.