Finding the Optimal Color Channel for Information Hiding in LSB Insertion Method
Journal "Fundamental Sciences and Applications"


Least Significant Bit Insertion Method


Huge amount of data is shared online with the development of technology and internet. This development provides various potential to users. Although, securing the data on the digital platform has been one of the most important issues. Various methods have been developed for data security. Encryption and steganography are the most used ones. These are used as complementary rather than alternative. While the purpose of the encryption is to protect the content of the data, steganography is concerned with hiding the existence of the data. Therefore using two methods together will increase data security. Steganographic methods could be applied to different types of digital media. In this study LSB (Least Significant Bit) insertion method which is widely used to hide information in image video and audio files will be applied on image files with 24-bit bmp format. The data will be hidden in only one of the channels. After evaluating the changes on each channel, best channel to hide data will be selected and used.