Wireless Network Password Cracking with Evil Twin Attack
Journal "Fundamental Sciences and Applications"

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Evil Twin Attack
Wireless Network Password Cracking


With the increasing popularity of wireless network technology, security is becoming more and more important. The convenience provided by the increasing importance of portable systems, increased the popularity of wireless networks. Wireless networks are more vulnerable to security weaknesses in structure than wired networks because the data is circulating in the air. It is very easy for an attacker who listens to the air to obtain the data in the air with today's technological facilities. We can define Evil Twin Attack, which is one of the effective attack methods and based on social engineering attack, to broadcast a fake access point by broadcasting the same SSID as the victim's SSID name and obtaining the Wi-Fi password by connecting the victim to this broadcast. While a more technical user can detect this attack, it is a surprisingly effective attack against those who are not trained in searching suspicious network activity. In our study, this attack method is explained and the main protection methods that can be taken are mentioned.