Analysis of stresses and deformations in the chassis of rough terrain forklift with wheel drive 4Х4
Journal "Fundamental Sciences and Applications"


rough terrain forklifts
estimated strength


The outcome of studying the strength and the deformation characteristics of rough terrain forklifts with wheel drive formula 4Х4, using a created 3D model applying FEM, is presented herein. The tested chassis design features are described. The external loads of the chassis structure have been estimated throughout two operation modes: handling the load at vertically elevated lifting mast and also featuring load lifted off the ground, using lifting mast in transport mode tilted backwards. Two alternating payloads have been applied for each of the selected modes: featuring rated load and standard size of the centre of gravity, and featuring reduced load at increased height of the centre of gravity. The resulting rates of stresses and deformations of the studied chassis of a terrain forklift with wheel drive formula 4Х4, have been calculated, presented and analysed with regard to the two main operating modes both of which entail two loading alternatives determined by the weight and the location of the payload.