Relationship Marketing – Techniques for Focusing on Company’s Consumers
Journal "Fundamental Sciences and Applications"


Relationship Marketing


Today, leading marketing specialists have one goal: to put the consumer at the center of marketing. The main purpose of the study is to highlight some techniques for focusing marketing of a company on its consumers. The thesis supports that the consumer and company’s relationships with him are already becoming a key competitive advantage, and the sooner marketers and managers realize this and re-build their strategy in the direction of improving their relationships with the customers, the more competitive they will be in the ongoing dynamics of today's business. The study is based on the author's analysis, opinion and interpretation of different findings made by other authors and researchers. The utmost importance of word-of-mouth advertising and how to gain an advantage through it is revealed. It is analyzed how the company can help brand ambassadors. It is researched how the company can support sales specialists – the most visible brand ambassadors – to become even more effective communicators. Moreover, advocacy marketing has been explored, as it helps brand ambassadors to present the company and it puts them at the heart of marketing. The study reveals some techniques by which marketers can improve the relationship of the company with its consumers.