Hacking Android Mobile Phone with Phishing
Journal "Fundamental Sciences and Applications"




Today, there is a huge increase in the usage areas and functionality of mobile devices. Mobile devices have become platforms where users can store their personal information. Due to such features, mobile devices have become the target of attackers. The Android operating system, which holds approximately 72% of the smartphone industry as of March 2021, is the most popular operating system for smartphones, and its only competitor is Apple's iOS operating system with a market share of approximately 27%. Cybercriminals are naturally aware of this popularity. Unlike the iOS operating system, the fact that the Android operating system allows applications to be downloaded and installed from third-party stores also provides a motivation for cybercriminals to distribute malicious applications to the Android operating system. In this report, the victim's use of the malicious .apk file by sending an e-mail to the victim with the Social Engineering method of the .apk extension file created by injecting malicious codes with msfvenom, which is the most used method by today's attackers, on Kali Linux, and installing it on the mobile device will be provided. As a result of this process, we aimed to raise the awareness of mobile users by showing how the information on the device was accessed as a result of getting full access to the victim's mobile device with metasploit.