Modelling and Simulation in the ERP Systems
Journal "Fundamental Sciences and Applications"


Information Systems
Modelling and Simulation
System Dynamics
Vensim PLE
Information Security


The implementation of integrated ERP systems becomes a key factor for effective management of business processes. In same time the ERP systems are a huge investment, and the implementation process is a complex and expensive. The successful implementation and operation of such complex systems can be aided by the use of modern modelling and simulation methods and systems. This article presents an overview of some of the methods of modelling of a variety of processes related to the functioning of ERP systems. Examples of the using of approach of System Dynamics and modelling tool Vensim PLE in the study of the processes of data collection in ERP systems, management of vulnerabilities in information systems, management of costs for ensuring information security and modelling of the effectiveness of the implementation of an ERP system in a manufacturing company are presented.