"TECHSYS" International Scientific Conference Engineering - Technologies and Systems

Current Issue

Published December 21, 2020
|9-th International Scientific Conference “Engineering, Technologies and Systems” | TECHSYS 2020 |


The topics of the conference include but are not limited to:

Automation, Control Systems and Robotics
Industrial Automation; Control Systems; Robotics; Intelligent systems; Monitoring and control of complex systems

Electrical Engineering and Electronics
Power electronics and microelectronics; Power systems; Renewable energy sources and systems; Energy efficiency and power quality; Modeling and virtual engineering in electric industry; Optoelectronics and Lasers

Computer Engineering, Informatics and Communications
Computer Engineering and Systems; Communication Technologies; Cyber security; Information society; e-Learning

Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering and Technologies; Design, Construction and Manufacturing of Machines; Mechanics; Mechatronics; Material science

Automotive and Aeronautical Engineering
Automotive Engineering and Technologies; Airspace Engineering; Intelligent Transport Systems; Vehicles Dynamics; Transport Logistics and Infra-Structure

Industrial Management and Design
Graphic Design and Printing; Industrial Design; Economics and Management; Engineering Education

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